"Kelly Lou Dennis... did a brilliant job in both acting and action roles."

- Justyn Hughes, Asian Movie Pulse

Kelly Lou Dennis is a Bay Area-raised storyteller who made the move to Los Angeles last year. Having starred in several dramatic and action independent feature films, she has been praised by critics for both her emotional work as well as her performances in martial arts fighting roles.


She was first introduced to fight choreography when she landed the lead role in the award-winning feature film 'Vampariah'. She underwent a year of personal training in mixed martial arts for the film, and continued training under Jino Kang (Masters Hall Of Fame) for her action role in 'Weapon of Choice'.


She started writing at a young age, handwriting her first novel in the 5th grade. But it wasn't until college that she discovered her ideal writing medium- screenwriting.


Kelly found acting when she was cast as a mermaid in Peter Pan through a summer conservatory. She continued theater all the way through college, where she was first exposed to film.


While Kelly loves the process of theater- the family, the evolution of characters, the live audience- she became addicted to the craft of film acting. With a lens hovering inches from the actor's face, there is nothing they can hide. They must bare their soul to the world in a belly-up, honest vulnerability that few will ever experience.

In 2016 Kelly wrote, co-directed and starred in 'Carrion Comfort', a short film derived from the feature-length script she wrote that premiered at Sydney's Lift-Off Film Festival.

Just this year Kelly has continued her acting studies with Annie Grindlay, Anthony Meindl, Lesly Kahn, and Ani Avetyan.

As a storyteller Kelly wants to let her audience experience a rainbow of emotions, and not just the happy ones. Gone are the days of suppressing feelings because you fear they make you weaker. No, they just bring you to life.

"Kelly's growth has been exponential. She puts in the hard work and is dedicated to her craft ."

- Matthew Barry, Casting Director/Matthew Barry Teaches