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Kelly Lou Dennis is an LA-based actor and filmmaker from San Francisco. Kind of Asian, kind of European and (bisexually) kind of gay, Kelly has learned to embrace not fitting the mold and to question socially accepted norms that marginalize.


She builds new worlds to set her character-driven ensembles in, gravitating towards stories that challenge gender expectations, that pit desolation against the power of human connection and that unapologetically depict that dark side of being a woman in a patriarchal society.


In a Sundance Collab writing course she developed her first pilot script, GOMORRAH, which imagines a world where women survive only by eliciting approval from men… set pointedly in present day. It is currently a Second Rounder at ISA’s Fast Track Fellowship.


Her script CARRION COMFORT was a Finalist at The Writer’s Lab.


Kelly directed, acted in and cowrote GOOD GIRLS GET FED, a dark short that shines a light on everyday sexism and the casual objectification of women. It is currently being submitted to the festival circuit.


As far as acting, she and her costar won “Outstanding Performance” in the Drama category at the Sherman Oaks Film festival for short film EXITS, and she also won “Best Dramatic Actress” at the TBA Awards for THE ONES THAT STAY BEHIND.


She auditioned into the Master Class at Anthony Meindl’s Studio and additionally has studied with Lesly Kahn and Annie Grindlay. Kelly also trained under Jino Kang (Masters Hall Of Fame) for her role in WEAPON OF CHOICE, as well as MMA for numerous other films.

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